Petronella van den
Sculptor & Acrylic painter

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Petronella G.W. van den Berg was born in the Netherlands, in 1958. Her personal journey as an artist would not begin until her mid-twenties.
In 2002, Petronella immigrated to Canada. Once settled in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, Petronella began painting and sculpting in earnest.

She has been a full-time, contemporary acrylic and sculpture artist since then. Petronella has mastered techniques by learning from her mistakes while she sculpts or paints her dreams into reality.

After more than 13 years of hard work, a few relaxing holidays, some minor setbacks, Petronella and her husband decided it was time to once again rethink the future and find the path to be living the dream. June 2015, they sold their house and business in Naramata, BC. Petronella and her husband bought a motorhome and hit the road to get to know their country. To date she spent time exploring Canada from British Columbia to the Maritimes and have had a marvellous time traveling through USA.

Van den Berg absorbed the many lush landscapes, majestic mountain ranges, high desert country, canyons, unusual rock formations, unique architecture, and history of every place. With visits to churches, museums, galleries with reading, Petronella get inspired with ideas for a body of new work.

Through classically trained in the Netherlands, Petronella prefers to be known as a self-taught artist. Her works are in the homes of private collectors throughout, North America, and Europe.

Using her paintings and sculptures to translate inner feelings. She enjoys art that feeds the soul and has a depth to it that goes beyond its physical presence.

Petronella's journey has led her to create a strong brand. Her paintings and sculptures are a style of grace and simplicity in figurative and abstract design with elegant presentation. The major characteristics of her art depict the human condition.

After exploring the country, van den Berg lives since 2017 on Prince Edward Island.

 Art is all encompassing in Petronella's life. It is part of her soul.