Petronella van den
Sculptor & Acrylic painter

........Artist Statement........

Artist Statement:

Emotions, personal experiences are the main guides for her sculptures and paintings.

I develop myself through my work and through all of the experiences in my life. Like a tree with rings that bear marks of its growth, I am a creative work in progress and my art is the expression of that."

The major characteristics of van den Berg's art depict the human condition but she has also a passion for abstract.

In selecting my subjects, I stay close to home, choosing to depict primarily my family of whom I have first hand knowledge. The love of my family course through my veins and are the inspiration of my human figure sculptures, "The Family Series."

The Family series" are a feeling of showing love to the people around me. The figures in the paintings are simple and the sculptures are all about the relationship between people.

"I like to paint mysterious figures in such a way that leaves the viewer curious."

The Female sculptures are homage for all women. My intension is to sculpt a portrayal of the women, to show positive attribute and being strong, step up, and encourage in difficult situations.

The Abstract paintings tell only a part of the story. The rest is what you, the viewer, bring to it.


"I want to create paintings and sculptures that convey a bit of mystery and adventure but also a

feeling of joy."